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About Me
Hi, my name is Anton Volkholz, I'm an allround technical artist and I enjoy creating various artwork in my spare time. I went to the Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede, the Netherlands, where I graduated from the Creative Media and Game Technologies Study with a Bachelor Cum Laude. For the past year I have been working in a trainee position as a techincal artist and developer in the XR department of a communication agency in Stuttgart, Germany.

There I mainly worked in Unity on Infotainment projects, where I handled the creation of 3d assets and their proper implementation into the engine, as well as creating scripts for user interaction, general functionality and runtime logic of applications. In these projects I have worked with VR, AR and unity webGL, on both desktop and mobile.
Next to Unity I have also worked in web development where I created simple adaptive websites and tools, mostly for streamlining the team internal workflow.

My main area is graphic and shader programming. Most of my experience lies in unity, where I have written custom shaders for a variety of use cases in several different projects.

Allthough I started my study as a 3d artist, over the past couple of years I have moved further towards the role of a developer and am always open to learn more. Technical art is something I find very interesting, since it combines both artistic and technical aspects of development.
Software Skills
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